Today is national cheeseburger day! I am celebrating with a meal from one of my favorite food chains, Whataburger and of course a milkshake and spicy ketchup.

My Feelings Are Full

Well, I am thinking about that time again. What time am I referencing? Well, in short- food for the week. Unlike most people, I am able to snag a free meal, per the perks of my job. However, I am trying to be more of a creature of good habits. Eating my fruits and veggies. I... Continue Reading →

Completely Fed Up

Although a self proclaimed foodie, I must admit, for the most part, my journey of food entails seeking the world and letting my palette do all the work.  If I am not traveling, in hopes of a new food adventure, I was searching high and low looking for inspiration to create my next home cooked... Continue Reading →

March Madness

Happy March 1st Readers!  March is an exciting month for various reason. Whether you are into collegiate basketball, the Feast of Saint Patrick- commonly known as St. Patrick's Day, or the Lent Season, this is an exciting month to celebrate. For those that are a bit more interested in the healthy focus of food fuel,... Continue Reading →

Midday Fork & Straw 

Hi readers! Thanks for heading over to read another blurb from me 😀 Over the past 6 months, I have toyed around with the idea of playing with and creating recipes. I've tried creating family favorites, ranging from dinner and appetizers to snacks and smoothies.  If you're like me, you have an adventurous pallette. Easily... Continue Reading →

Pocket Change 

Hi guys! It's been long and overdue but I am back.  Aside from the many hobbies that I have, I have adopted the hobby of couponing.  I'm not quite sure how I started couponing, other than just waking up one day and decided to try something new. Now I must admit, I haven't even been... Continue Reading →

The Horror of Travel 

Time 2:00a  I have almost been awake for 24hours and I am somewhere hoovering over homes, traveling through what look to be one of the worst storms I have ever witness. Thursday, after work, I took flight. Flight was set at 2hours and some change. Mother nature, however, had other plans. Luckily, I was able... Continue Reading →

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