Completely Fed Up

Although a self proclaimed foodie, I must admit, for the most part, my journey of food entails seeking the world and letting my palette do all the work.  If I am not traveling, in hopes of a new food adventure, I was searching high and low looking for inspiration to create my next home cooked greatness.

Like any other day I report to work, looking forward to completely my tasks and learning something new. Was I in for a treat on this day! I came to work and a fellow co-worker mentioned this documentary that she thought I would be interested in. Sure. I will look at the trailer. Fed Up

And boy was I fed up! If you are a foodie and have not watched this. If you are the least bit of interested in eating healthy, this is a must see documentary for you.

**WARANING**  Movie Spoiler **  

Fed Up, my opinion anyway, is a documentary that travels through the unhealthy eating habits and the emotional, physical, and psychological damage that is does to children. Our children are becoming extremely obese and dealing with illnesses that, at one point, were common in adults.

As a person on the go, I know how easy it is to grab food that I don’t have to cook because it is easier and an extreme convenience to my life. I never thought twice about the affect that it could do to our health or even the health of our children. As a budgeter and couponer, that makes its far to easy to grab items that are free or MM (moneymakers in the coupon world). Sure, things consumed in moderation are assumed to have little to no affect but those moderations add up.

Watching this documentary has definitely changed my outlook on food and the way I consume these items. I think I have shifted my focus on  home cooking and recipe writing.

Have you seen the documentary? What were your thoughts? Have any recipes you have tried and really liked? Comment on this post.


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