My Feelings Are Full

Well, I am thinking about that time again. What time am I referencing? Well, in short- food for the week.

Unlike most people, I am able to snag a free meal, per the perks of my job. However, I am trying to be more of a creature of good habits. Eating my fruits and veggies. I am not a huge fan of things like soda and juice, so I am fairly good in that area.

Last week, I tried something new for my lunch meal. I prepped my meals and snacks while at work. To my surprise, I was quite shocked. I was full. Not overly stuffed and wanting to staple my eyes open for the sake of finishing my work day.

Here is what my experience taught me:

  1. Your feels are truly a reflection of what you eat. Like I stated previously, I was full but I wasn’t sluggish. Tired? Sleepy? Not I, said me.
  2. I had a sense of calm. For the most part, my diet isn’t filled with processed, fried, or junk food. However, I am human. Just doing it in moderation is key. Normally, as lunchtime approaches I tend to have an internal panic. What is for lunch today? What are the healthier options? How is it going to taste? With me making my own food, I had not a care in the world. Well, at least for my the cure of my hunger.
  3. I enjoyed making my lunch. I don’t know why I assumed that meal prep would take a full day and would leave me drained and the day gone past.

Overall, I was pleased at the way I felt and I am looking forward to the weeks to come, I love playing with recipes and even creating my own.


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