Yesterday Sonic had your choice of  frozen lemonade or limeade for just $.79  Of course I had to order both. I am a frequent visitor to sonic but I have never had either of these options. Just as an aside, I am not sure how often they do this deal but customers are not allowed... Continue Reading →


Success. Eat. Travel. Upgrade !

Hello readers!  I know it has been a while since I have shared. There's been some transition in my focus here lately. While I love traveling (which I still do) & of course being a foodie, I have also picked up the hobby of couponing.  Well this has opened up doors for me, as it... Continue Reading →

Check with your local donut shop today for potential freebies as wel celebrate this awesome day of sweetness ! 🍩 oh and by the way, Happy Friday! 

Appreciation for Home Cooking 

Starting with my generation, it is becoming the norm that no one cooks anymore. Having a dinner where you sit at the table, with friends or family, disconnecting from technology, and just enjoying a hearty home-cooked meal seems so unconventional. With the small banter that happens at work, it is really a shock when people... Continue Reading →

Down By the Bayou

January 2016 Destination: New Orleans, LA …NOLa I’m excited. I’m ready, I am headed to meet one of my best friends for his art show and birthday celebration all in one. He is with great talents, but I was truly excited to be at one of his shows and to meet a pair of his... Continue Reading →

Potluck For The Holiday

Yummy 😊  My job did a directors/managers potluck before everyone started taking vacation time and preparing for both Christmas and the New Year. There was so much food from so many different cultures. I even got a chance to see how 'white elephant' works. It is a pretty decent and fun way to exchange gifts... Continue Reading →

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